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Are there fees for using Drips?

The Drips Protocol is free to use and does not impose any fees on users. Users will still need to pay gas fees to interact with the Drips Contracts as they would with any contract on Ethereum.

Third-party apps building on Drips may choose to impose fees of their own.

Do I need to have Eth in my account to send or receive tokens using Drips?

Users of Drips do need to have ETH (or the analogous gas token to ETH if on a non-mainnet network) available in their wallet to cover transaction fees, if they wish to create streams or Splits to stream or share funds with others. Users do not need to have ETH in their accounts to receive funds from other users who are streaming or Splitting to them. However they will need to have a small amount of ETH available in their account when they are ready to collect funds sent to them (again, to cover gas costs of sending the collect transaction).

What happens to funds that have been streamed to a Github repository that is never claimed by its owner?

For now, nothing happens to these funds and they will remain in Drips waiting for the repository owner to claim them forever. It's possible that in the future the governance of the Drips protocol will decide to change this, so that funds given to a Github repository that go unclaimed are donated to an alternative public goods fund like Gitcoin, or to some other cause.